Building Better Brands


Building a brand is like building a home.

A successful home build begins with a solid plan drafted by an architect, who creates the best possible design considering all restraints, including cost.  The architect then works closely with a general contractor, who is responsible for the overall coordination of the project, and who oversees the execution of the plan by subcontractors.

At The Market Group, our “marketects," work with you to design the best possible strategic plan for your brand.  Our project managers (general contractors) oversee the execution of the plan by highly vetted industry leaders.  The branding equivalent of a Design Build firm, we act as a one-stop-shop for all of your creative, marketing, event, promotional, and media needs.

Benefits of our business model:

  • We work as cohesive unit, providing one point of contact from project conception to completion
  • We provide quality assurance and oversight to ensure your strategic plan is executed accurately and efficiently
  • We minimize costs through pre-negotiated preferred pricing (no haggling!) and flat-rate services (no surprises!)
  • We act as your advocate, keeping your company’s best interests at heart

Branding Lightbulb



Your brand is the essence of your business.  It is both... 


Through relationship building, research, and competitive analysis, our marketects identify and define your brand.  We then create a branding blueprint to help you communicate your brand effectively, efficiently, and economically.


Promotions Megaphone



Invest in promotion marketing to attract, inform and influence your consumers.  Through an effective promotional strategy, you can increase awareness, stimulate interest, foster engagement, and reinforce your brand.

Our promotion builders help you to define your voice and amplify your message.  By developing and implementing promotional tactics across multiple media platforms, we generate buzz, expand reach, and drive demand.


Events Balloon



Well executed events can define and grow your business. They have the power to engage your consumers and create a lasting impression of all that you offer.  By treating events as an extension of your brand, you allow your consumers to more deeply connect with you and your products or services.

Our event engineers construct and produce inspiring and impactful events.  From conceptualization to execution, we provide scalable and seamless solutions for businesses, groups, and organizations.